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Different diapers, choice is very important

Some diapers absorbent, poor permeability, thick, frowsty bad, make babies on tenterhooks, "thorn in the ass". So be sure to choose thin and breathable for baby diapers, let the baby's little ass to breathe freely.

1. Suitable for baby's size

Now on the market of diapers is complete, all have different sizes, parents can reference signs on the package to buy. Waist to be close to the baby the waist, stickers to stick on the waist stick figures indicate more appropriate between 1 to 3. Such as adhesive stickers on the no. 3 instructions, shows that the size of the diapers, small for the next choice when buying big yard of diapers. Check tightness leg rubber band, if too tight, said size is too small. If not on the leg, said size is too large.

2. The permeability is good, not hot

The baby use diapers if permeability is bad, it is easy to cause the baby diaper rash. Permeability is bad diapers can make local temperature increased male scrotum, may affect the baby's testicles, more attention should be paid to especially after one year old baby.

3. The strong absorption of urine, fast

Diapers containing polymer absorbent, absorption rate can reach 100-1000 times its own, and won't come out again. The earliest diapers mainly fluff pulp, so it was very thick. After joining the polymer absorbent, diapers becomes more and more thin, more comfortable. Therefore, watching absorption force does not depend on thickness, even just the opposite. High absorbent can decrease The Times of change and not to disturb the sleeping baby. Still can reduce urine and skin contact time, reduce the probability of diaper rash.

4. The surface is dry, not flow back urine, where it

If the baby's little ass always keep in contact with the wet surface, it is easy to suffer from diaper rash. Diapers of legs and waist to a leakproof stereo edge, but can not be too tight for leakproof, diapers surface of material also should choose dry and not back. Best alternative to four layer structure of diapers, or add a layer of absorbent fiber paper, less leakage.

5. Feel comfortable, quality is good

Tactile sense organs is the earliest human development, the fetus has existed as early as three months, as well as visual, auditory affects the baby's potential development. Baby skin touch very sharp, more sensitive to bad stimulation, as long as there is a little bit of discomfort, baby will feel very uncomfortable. Diapers and baby skin contact area is large, and almost 24 hours, so choose underwear, slim, fit, soft, the material feels good diapers, baby to provide comfortable tactile experience.

6. The protective layer of skin

The cause of diaper rash, mainly urine irritating substances in direct contact with the skin. Currently on the market for diapers added skin care ingredients, can be directly through the protective layer is formed on the temperature in the small fart fart, isolation, and reduce the skin friction, let the baby more comfortable skin touch.

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