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Baby diapers night using necessary

Because night sleep quality for the baby body growth, bone development, intellectual development, temperament development have very important influence, such as 10 PM to 2 am is the most gold baby body a long time, therefore, advised young mothers to adequate attention to the baby sleep quality, frequently do not change the diapers, the best choice

On choosing night use diapers, it is best to choose a few to absorb, absorb quickly, more breathable not hot, not flow back surface is dry, urine, diapers products feel soft and comfortable. Absorb more, can reduce the change frequency, absorb quickly, can reduce urine contact with the skin of time. In addition, the urine trousers surface material also should choose dry and not back, so I can let the baby don't be wet diapers can't sleep safe. This, most mothers will choose uptake of big special diapers at night. Baby skin touch very sharp, more sensitive to bad stimulation, as long as there is a little bit of discomfort, baby will feel very uncomfortable. Diapers and baby skin contact area is large, and almost 24 hours. So choose underwear, slim, fit, soft, the material feels good diapers, baby to provide comfortable tactile experience

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